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Brandon has been dancing for 11 years, has 8 years of coaching, 4 years of choreographing, and has been touring the world with Marvel Universe Live Arena Tour as a stuntman.

Brandon Glass is no stranger to creating a fun, educational, and motivating atmosphere for dance and entertainment. 

Brandon’s styles include Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, and Ballet. That being said, Brandon is also very versatile within his styles including Musical Theatre.

Brandon’s professional career has included dancing with Capitol Movement Dance Company, vocal artist Jodeci Milhouse. When relocating to Los Angeles, he was quickly asked to work and join with Odyssey Dance Theatre & The MOB dance company. 

Brandon has recently toured with the Live Action arena stunt show, Marvel Universe Live performing as Iron Man, and Black Panther. 

Fun fact;  Brandon remains heavily involved in the Deaf Community. From engaging with the Deaf community, and continuing to pursue opportunities within the entertainment industry, Brandon strongly believes in making the time to do what makes you happy and never leaves a passion unattended. 



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