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Faress from France is a dancer/choreographer, who's career has lead him to work in all areas of the industry from Music Videos to Movies. He has worked with various artists and famous people too. 

Since a very young age, Faress was attracted by hiphop music and started dancing on his own. He then discovered Street Jazz and fell in love with it, which then lead him to decide to become a professional dancer.

In 2014, he decided to live his dream and to go to Los Angeles to learn from the people who got him into dancing. He learned from the worlds best choreographers in every dance style.

In 2016, he came back to Europe, where he started his first contract as a professional dancer for "Nike x Balmain", since then he is still working in the dance industry, and travels a lot to teach in different countries (Australia, Greece, Malta, Germany, Switzerland & more). He also stars in various music videos and movies as a dancer/choreographer.

Faress loves to share his passion for dance with anyone he teaches so you will be in good hands. With his positive & full of engird personality you will surely enjoy his lessons.

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