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Ryan Campbell-Birch is a professional tap dance performer, teacher, and choreographer. He trained at Bird College.

Ryan’s passion for tap developed at a young age in his hometown of Bristol, and has since taken him around the world from Stockholm to Sydney, Lon- don to LA, and New York to New Zealand. 

After graduating  from Bird College Ryan returned six weeks later as a faculty member to tutor students on the diploma and degree programs. 

Since then, he has taught for many of the UK’s leading colleges, including Italia Conti, the Urdang Academy, Morea Performing Arts, Masters Performing Arts, Arts Ed and Guildford School of Acting. Globally, he has taught pre-professionals at Brent Street in Sydney and the Australian Institute of Music, as well as workshops in Canberra, Perth, Tauranga (NZ), Auckland, and the National Ballet School in Dubai. 

Ryan's clients and credits include:
The Australian Football League, Canon, Northern Tap Company, UK Music Video Awards, YouKu, Audi, Mercedes, The Chinese Film Festival London, The Empire Casino London, Mumford and Sons, The IDTA, The ISTD, The Tap Rhythm Project and Move It. 

Ryan’s is a warm, calm & passionate person that believes that good teaching stems from continuous learning. 

About Ryan
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